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Western Helicopter Services, Inc.
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EZFire Gelling Agent
Western Helicopter Services is a worldwide distributor of EZFire.  This product has been manufactured since the early 1960's and has come in a variety of names.  Originally it was called M3 Incendiary oil (Napalm) or Alumagel and was used primarily for military operations.  Since then it has also been referred to as SureFire and Firetrol, and now under its current name EZFire.  It is an excellent product for controlled burning.  The current stock is one of the highest quality formulas we have seen in many years.  Results from the current batch have been very impressive.
** Current Pricing **

1 Bag (25 pounds):  $10.75/lb ($268.75) **

2 Bags (50 pounds):  $10.40/lb ($520.00) **

1/2 Pallet (500 pounds):  $10.00/lb (5,000.00) **

1 Pallet (1,000 pounds):  $9.50/lb. ($9,500.00)  **

** Does not include shipping